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Wedding and Tiered Cake Flavors

We have modified our signature cakes to be able to be used for tiered cakes:

Almond Mocha - almond cake drizzled with espresso, with cocoa whipped cream and chocolate buttercream

Banana Split - banana cake with chocolate mousse and strawberry compote, strawberry buttercream, ganache drizzle, whipped cream, and walnuts

Bananas Foster - banana cake drizzled with rum, filled with cream cheese frosting and chocolate bits, and ganache

Berries and Cream - vanilla cake with your choice of berry mousse filling and compote

Black and White  - layers of chocolate and vanilla cake, chocolate mousse, whipped cream and chocolate ganache

Boston Cream Pie  - vanilla cake with vanilla custard filling and ganache

Café au Lait  -vanilla cake drizzled with espresso, and espresso whipped cream

Carrot  - studded with walnuts and raisins, filled with velvety cream cheese

Chocolate Mint Fudge  - chocolate fudge cake with a hint of mint, filled with chocolate mousse and mint buttercream

Chocolate Mousse Cake - chocolate fudge cake filled with chocolate mousse and ganache 

Chocolate Orgasm  - chocolate fudge cake with a hint of orange, filled with chocolate mousse and vanilla custard, with blood orange buttercream and ganache

Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse  - chocolate fudge cake, peanut butter mousse filling, and peanut butter buttercream

Chocolate Salted Caramel Cake  - chocolate fudge cake filled with vanilla custard, drizzles of salted caramel, and caramel buttercream

Citron Mousse - lemon cake filled with lemon, key lime, or passionfruit mousse, whipped cream, and lemon, key lime, or passionfruit curd

Cloud 9  - chocolate fudge cake layered with vanilla whipped cream. Try a variation with flavored whipped cream: blood orange, caramel, coconut, espresso, hazelnut, mint, raspberry or strawberry 

German Chocolate  - chocolate fudge cake, and coconut pecan filling and ganache 

Hazelnut Milk Chocolate  - hazelnut cake filled with hazelnut milk chocolate mousse, finished with chocolate buttercream and toasted hazelnuts

Neapolitan - vanilla cake filled with chocolate and strawberry mousse, vanilla whipped cream and chocolate ganache

Orange Strawberry Passionfruit - orange cake filled with strawberry mousse and passionfruit curd, and blood orange buttercream

Pistachio Raspberry Rose - pistachio cake with raspberry mousse filling, rose buttercream, and sprinkled with chopped pistachios.

Raspberry Lemon Poppy Seed - lemon poppy seed cake filled with lemon mousse and raspberry compote

Red Velvet - with cream cheese filling

Rhapsody - chocolate fudge cake with a hint of raspberry, filled with chocolate mousse, finished with ganache and raspberry compote

Strawberry Champagne - vanilla cake drizzled with champagne syrup and filled with strawberry mousse

Toasted Coconut Lime - toasted coconut cake, lime curd filling, vanilla buttercream and toasted coconut flakes

Triple Chocolate Obsession - chocolate fudge cake filled with chocolate mousse, white and dark chocolate bits, white chocolate buttercream and chocolate ganache

Turtle  - chocolate fudge cake filled with chocolate mousse, ganache, and toasted pecans with caramel

  indicates egg-free/dairy-free optional
  indicates gluten-free optional


Please note - we cannot do chiffons or sponges for tiered cakes. Signature cakes have been modified for tiered cakes.
Gluten-free options can be done only for the top tier.

Finish with a frosting

Wedding Buttercream a smooth, satin finish, lightly sweetened with white chocolate
EDF Vanilla Buttercream a buttercream without eggs or dairy
Chocolate Ganache a decadent dark chocolate frosting
Chocolate Buttercream a lighter milk chocolate frosting
Fondant a hand-rolled frosting that gives a matte finish

indicates egg-free/dairy-free optional
indicates gluten-free optional


Natural Flavors

These flavors can be added to whipped cream or French vanilla buttercream by request: almond, blackberry, black cherry, blood orange, bourbon, butter rum, caramel, cardamom, cinnamon, coconut, espresso, green tea, guava, ginger, hazelnut, Irish cream, lavender, lemon, maple, marshmallow, mint, orange blossom, pistachio, raspberry, rose, and strawberry. 

All natural flavors are gluten-free; All natural flavors except Irish cream are egg-free and dairy-free.




You can choose 4 different signature cakes. If you need anything egg-free, dairy-free, or gluten-free, just look for the symbols above. Or give us a call for recommendations!


If you aren't ordering a Custom Tiered Cake, you are still wecome to order a sample box that will be available for pickup at our Monroe Street location. They are $35, paid in advance (you'll want to call us to place your order), and it's a great way to try lots of combinations right in the comfort of your own home. ($3 charge for each GF cake option.)

* Sample boxes are included with the price of a Custom Tiered Cake, but not with the Short & Sweet, or any other cake. Please call with any questions, or to order.