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Thanksgiving Pies

"Easy as pie" is the biggest misnomer in the baking world. You understand this if you've ever attempted to make a pie.  There are so many variables and ways for it to go wrong. Fat temperature and texture, water temperature and amount, amount of handling, sweetness of fruit, amounts of starch. With pies, it's all about the feel. When made correctly, a pie is the most delightful dessert. 

Our Pie Team makes all our pies from scratch, like all our other desserts.  We begin with frozen fruits that are grown in Washington or Oregon, add a bit of sugar and some starch to thicken it, put it in a flaky crust and top it with more crust or a buttery crumble. 























Our crusts are made with the help of our trusty pie crust press, which cranks out a perfect crust every time and saves us a lot of time.  It's also a great arm workout!  We use an organic palm shortening (which doesn't destroy organgutan habitat, for those of you that know about that issue) that makes a delightfully flaky crust. We also have egg-, dairy- and gluten-free pie options for those with allergies or intolerances. We don't make sugar-free pies. 

Our crumble top is a crunchy mix of oats, brown sugar and butter and adds the perfect foil to the fruity fillings.


Among the many reasons we love pies is that there's always a perfect season for every kind of pie: berry and peach pies in the summer, tangy citrus and cream pies in the winter, and apple, pecan and pumpkin pies in the fall. Thanksgiving and pies go hand in hand. Sure, some say it's all about the turkey, but not for us. Someday, I'm going to skip dinner all together so I have room for all the pies that I inevitibly take home.  We end up with 10 pies at our feast because, why not?  We sell all sorts of pies including cream, citrus and nut pies and it can be daunting to pick out just one,  so here are some ideas and suggestions to help you pick out the perfect pies for your Thanksgiving feast!







 Apple Cranberry is full of sweet apples and tart cranberries,  topped with crunchy crumble.  Make it extra delish by buying a jar of our salted caramel and drizzling it over.






Jewelberry is a perfect blend of strawberry, raspberry and cranberry. The berries' flavors complement each other beautifully.










Pecan is always a favorite. It's even better as a Bourbon Pecan pie where we splash a shot of bourbon over it as it comes out of the oven.













A tart is always a delicious option and our Frangipane is one of our favorite desserts. It's a baked nut  filling that we combine with figs or pears in a buttery shortbread shell. 



We have a delicious gluten-, egg- and dairy-free tart for the November dessert of the 

month: Hazelnut frangipane topped with a Quince compote. Quince is an heirloom fruit similar in shape and texture to a pear but with a heady floral aroma.It is inedible raw, but when cooked, turns an amazing shade of apricot. 








If you crave something a little richer, our cream pies are creamy and decadent. 











 Chocolate cream is chocolate heaven.


Remember that if you're not ordering a whole pie, you can always come in for a slice.

Apple pie ala mode with Red Wagon Creamery's Not So Plain Jane Vanilla is delicious! 

See our Desserts of the month page  or Pies to see a complete list of our flavors.