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Pies / Tarts

Placing Special Orders

We only take orders by phone.
Please call our kitchen at (541) 683-5676
We request 2 days notice for orders.

Hours for ordering:

8am-5pm Monday-Saturday

8am-3pm Sunday



We use organic, non-hydrogenated, trans-fat-free palm oil and rBGH-free butter in our crumbles and crusts.

servings type price
6-8 10" fruit $21
6-8 10" pecan or cream $23
 6-8 10" pumpkin $18
  Gluten-free  +$3
 egg- and dairy-free optional
 gluten-free optional

Crumble Top Fruit Apple (not available gluten-free), peach, cherry, blackberry, strawberry rhubarb, mixed berry or apple cranberry (note: egg and dairy free crumble is also gluten free, so there is a $3 extra charge for egg, dairy and gluten-free crumble)

Crust Top Fruit Same fruit fillings as above but pie contains no dairy, egg or animal products 

Chocolate Cream Chocolate custard in a flaky crust, topped with vanilla whipped cream and chocolate curls

option contains ganache or peanut butter mousse topping.

Coconut Cream Coconut custard in a flaky crust, topped with vanilla whipped cream and shredded coconut
option contains no whipped cream topping.

Pecan Toasted pecans and a rich, buttery filling baked into a sweet, crunchy confection. Ask for whipped cream if desired.

Pumpkin  The perfect balance of spice and sweet, our pumpkin pie is delicious! 

Pie of the month  Seasonal monthly specials.  See desserts of the month page.


all made with a buttery shortbread crust

servings type price
6-8 9" key lime, cheesecake, or custard with fruit compote $18
6-8 9" frangipane $23
6-8 9" fresh fruit (seasonal) $26
  Gluten-free +$3

Almond or Hazelnut Frangipane with Fruit A nutty filling baked with your choice: cherries, raspberry compote, pears, apples or figs (seasonally only)

Key Lime Tart A tangy and creamy lime custard

Fruit Tart vanilla cheesecake or vanilla custard topped with your choice of fruit compote or seasonally available fresh strawberries or fruit