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Petits Sweets

 egg- and dairy-free optional
 gluten-free optional


petits fours

critter petit four


$2.65/ $28.65 dz

bars and brownies $2.05 / $22 dz.
$1.75 / $18.90dz.

tea cookies: ginger molasses, oatmeal, peanut butter chocolate chip,

chocolate chip, snickerdoodle.
$11 dz.

pumpkin cookies

chocolate dipped coconut macaroons 

$2.05 / $22 dz.

Fancy frosted shortbread cookies: Please give one week advance notice for custom orders.

prices vary
caramel nut bread pudding $3.95/$42.75 dz.
peanut butter cup $2.10/$22.70dz. 

nipple of venus with rum and chocolate

rosy nipples  with chocolate,  brandy, raspberry and rose

chocolate caramel shortbread $3.50/$37.80 dz.
cannoli (pistachio orange chocolate) $3.95/$42.75 dz.

custard éclair

cream puff

$3.95/$42.75 dz.

$3.95/$42.75 dz.

crème brûlée with organic vanilla bean $3.65/$39.45 dz.
josephine - crispy pastry shell with custard and berry sauce $3.95/$42.75 dz.
chocolate mousse $4.25/$46.00dz.
chocolate souffle torte $3.95 / $42.75 dz

key lime tartlet

petit gluten-free cheesecake

chocolate s'mores bar

marshmallows (assorted flavors)

meringues (assorted flavors)

turtle shells



$4.00 ea

.35 ea/$3.50 bag

.50 ea